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At the NAGRA Kudelski Group, the myCinema team is dedicated to innovation in community entertainment. We are bringing an unparalleled amount of quality content, both live and studio recorded, into the cinema. Our goal is to get people off their couches and phones and into the community centers we all love: the cinema.

myCinema is Content as a Service (CaaS) in the form of an online marketplace that brings together content creators, cinema owners, and movie lovers into conversations about entertainment. The myCinema team at NAGRA has assembled a large selection of content: live music, Broadway, e-sports events, opera, ballet, sporting events, as well as classic and independent films from a variety of genres. We are assembling a growing library of diverse and outstanding entertainment content that will appeal uniquely to local fandoms and diverse niche communities.

myCinema puts cinema owners and managers in control of their community's entertainment experience. We seek to make cinema owners the local host of the best content for the most active fandoms in their respective communities.

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"myCinema will drive the digital transformation of the cinema experience... By connecting movie theater screens, myCinema brings the agility of the internet age to cinemas. This means that an unprecedented choice of content can reach any screen at any time at a very competitive distribution cost."
-Andre Kudelski